2017 Community Folk Art Center Caribbean Cinematic Festival

The 2017 Caribbean Cinematic Festival will take place February 23-26, 2017. The festival highlights the richness of Caribbean culture through a series of events: they include film screenings, dance and spoken word performances, local Caribbean cuisine and a series of workshops and post film discussions.

Post-Film Moderators, Caribbean Cinematic Festival: February 23- 26, 2017

The Festival is an opportunity for Spanish, English and French speaking West Indians to meet and find common ground in a community that has residential divisions with Blacks living on the South Side and Latinos on the West Side. This project is both an effort to showcase the beauty of Caribbean culture and foster community togetherness. The Community Folk Art Center would like to create an inviting space for Caribbean immigrants and non-Caribbeans to appreciate a culture that is not often highlighted within the CNY community.

2017 is an expansion of previous CCF festivities, which explored films from the Eastern and Western Caribbean. The festival brings together filmmakers, as well as Syracuse University and Syracuse community members.

Thursday, February 23, 2017 – Sunday, February 26, 2017

805 E. Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

 2017 Community Folk Art Center Caribbean Cinematic Festival 

2017 FILMS:

  • 200 Cartas (Nar) – Puerto Rico – 1hr 38 min
    • Raul, a Puerto Rican born in New York, meets Maria, a young Puerto Rican woman visiting NY, one night. Struck by love at first sight, he travels to Puerto Rico in search of this beautiful girl.
  • Legends of Ska (Doc) – Jamaica – 1hr 42min

    Caribbean Cinematic Festival 2017 Legends of Ska

    • Travel on a tropical journey from the birth of Jamaica’s music to the end of the island’s innocence. Without Ska, there is no Reggae.
  • Harder They Come (Nar) – Jamaica – 2hr
    • Wishing to become a successful Reggae singer, a young Jamaican man finds himself tied to corrupt record producers and drug pushers.
  • Songs of Redemption (Doc) – Jamaica – 1hr 18min
    • A group of inmates at the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica, are involved in a rehabilitation program based in music.
  • Murder in Pacot (Nar) – Haiti –  2hr 10min
    • After the terrible January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a privileged couple struggles to reinvent a life amid the rubbles of their villa in Port-au-Prince’s upscale neighborhood of Pacot. Destitute and in desperate need for money to repair their home, the couple decides to rent the remaining habitable part of the villa to Alex, a high-level foreign relief worker, who brings Jennifer, aka Andrémise, his Haitian girlfriend, a sassy and ambitious young woman.
  • Erika The Aftermath (Doc) –  Dominica – 27min
    • Part 2 of documentary of aftermath of the earthquake that hit Dominica in October of 2016. (Part 1 was shown at the 2016 CFAC Caribbean Cinematic Festival)
  • Cu-Bop – Cuba –New York (Doc) – Cuba – 1h 49min
    • Pianist Axel Tosca explores the African roots of Cuban jazz, also known as Cubop, or Cuban bebop.
  • Shorts: 
    • Exil – Haiti, Tears of Joy – St. Kitts – Nevis, Tormented – St. Lucia

Festival Schedule:

Thursday, February 23

6:00 pm 200 Cartas – Puerto Rico – Nar
(Performance by: SU Dance Troupe, Raices)

Friday, February 24

6:00 pm  Legends of Ska – Jamaica – Doc
8:00 pm  Harder they Come – Jamaica – Nar
(Performance by: SU Dance Troupe, Kalabash)

Saturday, February 25

11:00 am  Songs of Redemption – Jamaica – Doc
1:00 pm    Murder in Pacot – Haiti – Nar
4:00 pm    Erika The Aftermath – Dominica – Doc

Sunday, February 26

11:00 am Sunday Brunch– Catered by Jerk Hut
12:00 pm Cu-Bop  – Cuba – Doc
2:30 pm
 Exil – Haiti
Tears of Joy – St. Kitts – Nevis
Tormented – St. Lucia