58 Year Old Brighton Towers Woman Arrested for Choking a Dog

On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, Animal Cruelty Investigator Tara Kalil, responded to 821 E. Brighton Avenue, Brighton Towers, regarding an animal cruelty investigation.  Officer Kalil had been made aware of an incident where several witnesses had observed a woman choking a dog.  Officer Kalil spoke with each witness and learned that, Wanda Mckee, 58, of Syracuse was observed to violently choke a puppy by intentionally twisting and holding her collar.

The dog was later learned to be a four month old pug mix.  As this was occurring, good Samaritans intervened and stopped Mckee from choking the dog.  Officer Kalil was informed that Mckee was not the owner of the dog and was only watching it.  Officer Kalil met with the owner and checked on the dog’s status.  We are happy to report that the dog is in good health and has acceptable living conditions.

The dog is no longer permitted to be with Mckee and the owner agreed to have her seen by a Veterinarian as a precaution.

As a result of Officer Kalil thorough investigation, Mckee was subsequently charged with Agriculture and Markets Law 353 Animal Cruelty, and was issued and appearance ticket returnable for an October court date.