A bridge too far

The recent accident on Onondaga Lake Parkway brings to light the hazards of the bridge, which a Megabus rammed into, killing four people and injuring others.

The tragedy was seen on cable news programs around the country as Central New Yorkers scratched their
collective heads and said why? It’s time to take action so that this never happens again.

It’s time to close the Parkway. While it may be a New York State road the parkway cuts right through Onondaga Lake Park. Close the parkway to traffic and incorporate the newly acquired land into the heavily used walking and riding trails in the park.

On many sunny summer days you can see hundreds of people jockeying for a spot on the trail, circumventing a dog on a leash or dodging the Tram. It’s getting congested.
For those who insist that this road is vital to getting to Liverpool, take Old Liverpool Road. There are already a series of traffic lights that would slow the traffic that usually speeds right through one of our most scenic venues.

The only way the stop these tragedies is to focus on some of the rotten low bridges we have it this area. Look at the bridge at West Genesee Street and Erie Blvd West: It’s a regular occurrence to see a truck stuck or crushed after meeting the ancient railroad bridge structure.

“Low bridge everybody down; Low bridge ’cause we’re comin’ to town.”

A phrase once reserved for the Erie Canal can now be resurrected to describe a truck or large bus navigating around Onondaga County and the city of Syracuse.

September 20, 2010