A Community-Wide Call: Support the Thornden Park Bulldog Cheerleaders

It costs $1,200 per child, that’s $32,400; Cheerleaders have Earned their Place Lets Make their Dream a Reality!

Dear Community, the Thornden Park Bulldogs Varsity and Junior Pee Wee Cheerleaders have qualified to compete in the National Cheerleading Championship Competition in Orlando, December 1-6. They have done their part and now we need ALL of you to come through for them! Facebook GoFundMe Thornden Park Bulldog Cheerleaders

The cost of transportation, hotel, food, and team apparel is $1,200 per child. At 27 youth, that totals $32,400. This is a large amount of money and we don’t have very much time, but we can do this together!

Reach into your pockets and reach out to area businesses and other potential sponsors in your circles! And please share!

These youth live in Syracuse, have great grades, and they have achieved excellence at their sport. Let’s put Syracuse on the map and show the country these Bulldogs are no underdogs!*

The Thornden Park Bulldogs Association Inc is a non-for-profit 501 (c3) organization, which means all donations you make will be tax deductible.


*Special thanks to Annabel Hine Otts  for bringing this to our attention!