A.G. Schneiderman Announces Cease and Desist Letter Sent To Owner of Paving Company For Allegedly Defrauding Consumers

Richard Attenborough and Stevee Paige Castle-Lagerquist Allegedly Performed Unauthorized Services, Then Overbilled Customers

Schneiderman: We Will Hold Unscrupulous Contractors Accountable

WATERTOWN – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s Watertown Regional Office announced today they have issued a cease and desist letter to Tri-State Paving, ordering the company to stop doing work without contracts that comply with state law. In complaints received by the Attorney General’s office, consumers state they were charged excessive amounts for paving work that was never agreed-upon, and that no contract compliant with state law was ever used.

Homeowners state that representatives of the Baldwinsville company, owned and operated by Richard Attenborough and Stevee Paige Castle-Lagerquist, approached them with “extra” asphalt and paving materials, offering to patch potholes and do other minimal paving work at a per-square-foot price. Tri-State then did extensive paving work without the authorization of the consumer, and demanded payments of thousands of dollars.

“Homeowners deserve to know the cost and extent of work being done on their homes, and contractors are obligated to follow the law,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “Situations like this are precisely why the home improvement contractor law is so vital. My office will continue to hold unscrupulous contractors accountable and mandate that proper contracts are used.”

General Business Law Article 36-A requires home improvement contractors, before beginning work, to use contracts for every job where the total cost exceeds $500.00. The contract must be signed by both parties and contain: proposed starting and completion dates; a description of the work to be completed; materials to be provided; total cost of the contract; and include a notice to the consumer of their unconditional three-day right to cancel the contract without penalty, among other items.

Attorney General Schneiderman’s Office urges all homeowners to request multiple quotes and contracts for review before hiring home improvement contractors, and to be wary of contractors that approach them offering to do work.