A New Year’s Focus “It’s not too late to pick up your dreams”

The year 2018 is moving very swiftly.  It seems as though it was only a few weeks ago that we were celebrating Christmas and other holiday festivals.  January, another year to reflect on old un-kept resolutions, February (Black History Month, Valentines Day, and now March is approaching. Stop! Pick up your dreams and walk.  Don’t let the year pass by without moving forward.  No New Year’s resolutions, didn’t keep the old ones? – well start now to pursue new positive ideas and move forward.


Tips for working on positive dreams and moving forward:

  • Set positive goals that are achievable, then reward yourself.
  • Seek a higher power for guidance or levels of thought for which you believe.
  • Respect yourself an others
  • Cut strings and ties that impair or keep you from your positive destiny.
  • Read, Write, Explore, Relax and try new adventures
  • Humble yourself and be willing to serve humanity
  • Make a difference, build your self-esteem and share love
  • Be the sermon that people will see (Role-model)
  • Don’t let negativism hold you down – Keep it moving!
  • Guard your health and wellness (healthy diets, exercise and relax
  • Smile!

The list could go on! In summary: find yourself, re-evaluate and prioritize your goals.