A Statement Regarding the Recent Events Surrounding the Termination of Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Robert Stoppacher

Syracuse, N.Y. – In light of the recent events surrounding the termination of Dr. Robert Stoppacher, please see the statement below.

Communications Director Mark Nicotra said, “It is important for the public to know that the termination of Dr. Robert Stoppacher was made as a result of County Leadership being recently made aware of several examples of inappropriate behavior and actions taken by Dr. Stoppacher during his tenure as Chief Medical Examiner; not just a single incident. While we will not comment on the specifics of those actions out of respect for the persons involved, the public can rest assured that action taken in regards to the employment of Dr. Stoppacher was swift, appropriate and in line with the standards all Onondaga County employees are held to, and what the public deserves and expects.”