A Tribute and Recognition of “Greatness” of Floyd Little, NFL Hall of Famer

The world pauses in respect for the late, NFL Hall of Famer, Floyd Little. This great historical giant departed his life on January 1, 2021 at age 78. His accolades are so numerous and meaningful. As we mourn the loss and testimonies of his career, from start to finish, it exemplifies “Greatness” in service, humility, and dedication with a smile. Research defines the word “greatness” in several positive ways. One reference state that greatness is a quality that radiates from the inside out. It is who you are, honoring your values, living a life of purpose, and stepping into your true and meaningful destiny. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reflects on greatness ideas, and his Biblical premise that every man can serve. One could mirror these concepts in the life of Floyd Little. His untiring service and fortitude mirrored hard work, honor and respect.

Upon relocating to Syracuse, mentoring and participating in small group sessions in libraries, presenting Essay Contests and After- School- Programs (“Say Yes to Education), and other community programs for all ages, several of us walked to see some prominent sites of Syracuse. On one occasion we had the opportunity to visit the bronze statues honoring Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, and Floyd Little, behind the Carrier Dome of Syracuse Athletic Department. This was an exciting moment of instilling pride. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet the great legend, Floyd Little. We extend our love and prayers to the family.

Today as we continue to reflect in this article on the life and contributions to the world by the great Floyd Little. I think that this acrostic will summarize a few of the attributes that we may carry out his legacy.


  • F-A face of smiles and “Full of Life”
  • L-Loved to help others, as he exemplified, his faith in life.
  • O-“One-of-a-kind”, never lost the common touch, an humble encourager!
  • Y- Yearning and sincerity for doing good in life and helping others achieve.
  • D- Devoted to serving on and off the field of life.

That spells “FLOYD” (His first name). The last name is a summary of some of his traits.

* L-I-T-T-L-ELittle, He had the right name for he took the little and made it great. His ordinary became superior, leading and sharing with others the gift of humbleness and the willing to pass it on. One songwriter said, “Little becomes much when you yield it to the Master’s touch. You passed the “finish line”. Job well done! Rest in Peace!


photo WBNG.com