A Visit to Crouse Health’s Bill and Sandra Pomeroy Treatment Center

Having followed the development of this project, it was an honor to tour the completed, Bill and Sandra Pomeroy Treatment Center facility. This isn’t my first visit to a facility as I had a position working for a local treatment center with a long history in Central New York. The new Bill and Sandra Pomeroy Treatment Center at Crouse Health is different from anything available for the treatment of opioid addiction. Built in response to growing demand, according to the center, “Crouse has seen a significant increase in overall outpatient admissions over the past five years, driven largely by the increase in opiate use disorders; in 2020, this accounted for 53% of all Crouse Addiction Treatment Services admissions”.

The new center offers a “healing, uplifting environment” according to Monika Taylor, Director of Treatment Services. Once you step inside, there’s a realization that this is not your standard Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center.

Crouse Health Pomeroy Treatment Center Medical Examination Rooms

The Pomeroy Center has features that are designed specifically to administer drug addiction treatment in a wholistic health centered environment. Those suffering from opioid addiction are also in need of medical care, so there’s a section just for medical services, like going to your doctor.  There’s a clothing closet as some people are in need of basics; that includes personal hygiene products.

The center is located on Erie Boulevard East in the same location as a long shuttered medical facility. There’s a bus stop in front so clients will be able to access the center by bus, a large parking lot for those driving.

The location was a source of concern as plans for their first choice, the old Sears building was abandoned after an uproar by area residents. The hospital went back to the drawing board and came up with the Erie Boulevard location.  This site selection process also raised questions about community stakeholders and who represents interests of Southside residents.

In the end, the real winners are those individuals who need treatment  as we face our burgeoning opioid addiction problem in Central New York. Crouse Health through the generosity of the William G. Pomeroy Foundation has created a state-of-the-art facility that will be part of our arsenal to combat a drug problem that has a grip on our community and others like ours across the country.