A Well Deserved Tribute to Quentin Hillsman & “Thank You” From a Proud Mom

This tribute is from the heart, it’s up-close and personal. First, I would like to thank all of my friends, educators, Syracuse Community, and well-wishers for all of the cordial acts of kindness as we witness the hard work of my son, Q.

Many words of kindness, positive chats, came my way.  Newspaper articles were at my door for scrapbooks, and memoirs, expressing joy of his accomplishments that he has made in his field.

Well, naturally as a mother, I am proud.  As parents, we planted the seed, nourished and watched it grow.  Q’s aspirations were to become a basketball player. He played the game from the backyard up.  Check out his historical records and accomplishments.

Now that a new season is beginning, let’s fill those empty seats by supporting the Women’s Basketball Team, as well as others, as we encourage him in his endeavors as a leader.

Congratulations, Q!