Alliance Network will host a ‘political empowerment’ forum Saturday, February 29th

On Saturday, February 29th, 1:00 pm at Second Olivet Baptist Church (818 S. West St.) the Alliance Network will host a forum to discuss the importance of being politically empowered and how we use this power to create effective change in our community. We will also discuss how to become committee members and how to run for local, state and federal offices.

The Alliance Network has worked diligently over the past 24 years to work with individuals and candidates regardless of their party identification, to work on addressing the issues and needs of our community. 2020 is a pivotal election season that will have a great impact on our community and we want to make sure we are a part of the process.

“For too long we have been disengaged from the political process mainly because some people do not feel encouraged that being involve will result in changes for our community. Today is the day we take our power back. It is up to us to make sure we educate, support and empower one another so that we can understand and know how to navigate through the political process. We are stronger together and our voices can and will heard to create an impact on this 2020 Election.” – Alliance Network

For more information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Walt Dixie at 315-832-0026.

Mission Statement: The Alliance Network is a The Alliance Network is a Multi-Ethnic Public Issues Advocacy Group. In 1996, a group of local leaders, business people, activists, and other concerned citizens began meeting with the purpose of developing a strategic plan to begin working on the social, economic, health, youth and political issues that affect our community. It was formed with the mission of networking and connection with one another, whether it be through sharing resources or by helping to strengthen organizations small in number but big in vision. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Central New York Community politically, socio-economically, educationally and spiritually. We seek to improve the conditions of our neighborhoods physically as well as mentally, recognizing that the health and viability of the City of Syracuse rests in its neighborhoods and communities.