Asssemblyman Roberts Applauds Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Hydrofracking Announcement

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on December, 17th that New York State will not approve this controversial method of extracting natural gas from shale. Hydrofracking uses pressurized chemicals that release gases trapped within these deposits. Apparently, New York State is rich with potential sites, which caused many localities to pass legislation banning the process within their boundaries. Proponents of this method of extraction point to safety measures in place during the process.

Opposition to hydrofracking has been citizen based, consisting of environmental groups, villages, towns and individuals attended meetings. Those in attendance made clear to elected officials that hydrofracking would not be welcome; due to concerns regarding possible threats to our environment specifically our water supply.

Assemblymember Roberts welcomed the announcement, “I commend the governor and the state’s health and environmental commissioners for deciding against the risky practice of hydrofracking. Today’s decision will help protect our communities from any harmful effects to our water supply, and it echoes my commitment to preserving our precious natural resources and standing up for our families’ safety.

“Central New Yorkers know all too well the negative impact that environmentally irresponsible activities can have on our water. That’s why I have been a steadfast opponent of hydrofracking since day one, and I believe that its long-term effects on our environment would outweigh any potential short-term benefits.”