Attempt to wipe out an entire ballot line by Legislature Chairman Knapp and others shows disdain for democracy

Syracuse, NY Legislators Knapp, Rowley, McBride, Cody, and Kelly, along with candidates Mark Olson, Colleen Gunnip, and Joe Carni have personally signed their names to the latest form of voter suppression in Onondaga County.

In a naked attempt to subvert democracy, these candidates are suing in an effort to remove all candidates from the Working Families Party ballot line on an alleged technicality. Disappointed that they weren’t going to have a 3-2 ballot line advantage this year, knowing that they couldn’t compete for votes on a level playing field, they are now trying to get a 2-1 ballot line edge.

Onondaga County Republican efforts to rig the system falls in line with President Trump’s “Big Lie” about the results of the 2020 election, the racist voter suppression law in Georgia, and Republican partisan gerrymandering in states like Wisconsin and North Carolina. These Republicans can’t win on their own merits, so they have to change the rules in the middle of the game and cheat their way to victory.

These efforts also follow a trend locally. The Republican Onondaga County Legislature gerrymandered their own districts to suppress and disenfranchise the people of our County. These same GOP legislators also limited early voting options, leading to long lines in 2020.

When that election didn’t go their way, they held up absentee vote counting during a pandemic by bringing in high-priced lawyers and political operatives from outside of CNY to actively suppress the vote. They also singled out election officials for punishment in a sloppy partisan pay cut.

Onondaga County voters will not stand for this kind of corruption, voter suppression, and partisan treachery any longer. Voters deserve to be represented by those who keep their promises and defend the integrity of our democracy. Voters know it is time to Flip the County Legislature.

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