Balter Addresses Black Leadership Coalition at Candidate Forum

(October 29, 2020) Dana Balter addressed members of the Black Leadership Coalition during their virtual 2020 Candidate Forum. In her remarks, Balter emphasized the need to create economic opportunity for all communities and center racial justice in all areas of policy making.

“The first thing that we have to do, as policymakers and as a government is recognize that racial injustice is not a discrete thing that happens over here that we can find a solution to, and then it will go away. We have to recognize that it permeates every area of policy, every part of our society, every level of government,” Balter said during the forum. “And the reason that it does is because we are a country that was founded in white supremacy and racism. And so that legacy has come down through the generations, and we have systemic racism in education, in health care, in housing, in environmental policy, you name it. And so to address it, we have to be not only prepared, but active, proactive, aggressive in using the lens of racial justice to examine every policy area that we address every potential solution or action that we put in place. And I think that we need to be prioritizing not only ensuring that future actions that we take don’t exacerbate the problem of racism, but that we’re taking actions to try to undo that legacy to try to right the wrongs that already exist.”

To watch the NY-24 congressional candidate forum in its entirety, start at 1:11:30.

Watch the Forum Here