Balter Calls for Katko to Denounce GOP Tax Plan

Congressional Candidate, Dana Balter, called John Katko’s GOP tax plan released today an attack on working families, seniors, and students. The plan double-taxes the middle class by eliminating the SALT deduction for income and sales taxes and eliminating the deduction for student loan interest.

At the same time, John Katko’s GOP tax plan gives a huge boost to the top 1% and wealthy corporations.  It cuts corporate tax rates, eliminates the estate tax, and repeals the alternative minimum tax which will save people like Donald Trump millions of dollars each year.

“We need a tax plan that puts working families at the center.  We must ensure that the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share so we can protect Social Security, healthcare, and education from cuts. We need to invest more money in our public goods and services like infrastructure. Right here in Onondaga County, we have millions of gallons of raw sewage spilling into Onondaga Lake because a fifty year old pipe burst for the third time in five years. Instead of giving billions away to the wealthiest among us, we should be closing loopholes and ensuring that they pay what they already owe us in taxes so that we can invest that money in new infrastructure to prevent disasters like this,” Balter said.

Balter criticizes John Katko for not showing leadership in Congress: “He demonstrates no ability to move the needle on his Republican party’s agenda and protect his constituents.”  He must not only oppose this plan but vow to oppose any plan that includes an elimination of any part of the SALT deduction.  Moreover, he needs to convince his colleagues to rally around a tax plan that puts the needs of working families ahead of giveaways to the top 1% and wealthy corporations. To do otherwise is a violation of his promise to protect and advocate for his constituents.