Balter Takes on Big Money and Corruption in Politics

While Katko rakes in special interest money, Balter announces week of campaign finance and government reform

Syracuse, NYEvery day this week, Dana Balter is focusing on a new campaign finance and government reform agenda, designed to make our political system healthy once again.

“Big money is corrupting our politics, and too many of our leaders are bought and paid for by special interests. Politicians like John Katko profit off a system that rewards yes-men who follow the orders of corporations and party leaders,” said Dana Balter. “Every day this week, I’m focusing on concrete steps to restore the health of our democracy and make sure that our elected officials are beholden to their constituents. It’s time to eliminate the toxic role money and corruption play in our political system. This is how we are going to bring politics and government back to the hands of the people where it belongs.”

Today, Dana Balter will announce her campaign finance and government reform agenda at 213 West Adams Street in Syracuse. Every day this week, the campaign will release new ideas and plans to reduce the influence of money and corruption in our political system. The Balter campaign is proud to be powered by 98.5% small-dollar donations from more than 15,000 individuals.