Basketball Court Shut Down as Mass Gatherings Cause Community Concern: Onondaga County COVID-19 Update July 22, 2020

The following is the latest update from Onondaga County regarding our ongoing battle against COVID-19. As our area continues to test aggressively, as these numbers indicate how we are doing to control the transmission of the virus.  The list of states visited by people who must quarantine 14 days upon entering New York State, has grown to over 2 dozen.  While New York State has been held up as an example of how to handle a pandemic, people are warned that the virus can come roaring back if people don’t follow the social distance and hand washing requirements.

Several areas around Syracuse have been shut down, due to people congregating in direct violation of Local Emergency Orders.

There were reports of hundreds of people playing basketball at a church lot on the corner of Hall Ave. and Midland Ave. That site has now been shuttered as the hoops have been removed. That particular zip code 13205 has had several hundred COVID-19 cases, more than most zip codes in Syracuse.

Two neighbors have died in hospitals since yesterday, Caucasian Male in his 90’s – unknown at this time re underlying health conditions and a Caucasian Female in her 90’s – also unknown re underlying health conditions. Total neighbors lost for the county related to COVID-19 is now 194

Testing: Since Tuesday, we received back 1,855 tests for Onondaga County

Hospitalizations:  45 individuals are hospitalized, up 2; of these, 23 are from one memory care facility.  We know that at least 17 of these patients are ready to return to their home, leaving our actual number of those currently needing treatment for COVID at around 28.

  • 6 are critical, same as yesterday
  • Of the hospitalized:
  • 32 are Caucasian
  • 4 are African American
  • 2 are other race
  • 7 we do not have their demographics

Overall Statistics: We have 3,201 positive cases, up 18 since yesterday

of 18 cases: 3 are from a household contacts of previously confirmed cases, 0 are from our new cases are affiliated with senior living facilities.

  • 2 is travel acquired – New Jersey
  • 3 are unknown
  • 10 from community transmission –
  • County knows the source for 5 and it is unknown for 5
  • County is presently monitoring 258 active cases, down 47

2,754 people have recovered, up 63

From the total COVID-19 cases:

1,872 are female and 1,327 are male, 2 unknown

  • 229 are under 19,
  • 591 in their 20’s,
  • 441 in their 30’s,
  • 386 in their 40’s,
  • 475 in their 50’s,
  • 383 in their 60’s,
  • 284 in their 70’s,
  • 255 in their 80’s,
  • 157 in their 90’s

Onondaga County COVID-19 Resource Numbers