Ben Walsh announces Plan to Double City Youth Employment Program

Mayoral Candidate Joined by Local Businesses and Job Creator to Highlight Plan for Summer Youth Job Program in a Variety of Fields

Syracuse, NY, October 12, 2017 – Independent Mayoral Candidate Ben Walsh presented his plan for an expanded summer youth jobs program to provide career skills and economic opportunity for Syracuse youth. He was joined by local businesses who endorse Walsh’s candidacy and agreed to hire youth through the program. Walsh’s plan would double the current capacity of the CNY Works program, creating 475 new summer job opportunities for Syracuse City youth, aged 14-24, giving them an opportunity to develop valuable work experience that can lead to career opportunities.

“CNY Works currently has to turn away two thirds of youth now looking for jobs. That has to change” said Walsh. “Drastically increasing youth employment is one way we can introduce young people to companies and careers in Syracuse. Research suggests that youth jobs programs can lead to improvements in job readiness skills, post-secondary aspirations, and community engagement for participants.”

Elements of Walsh’s plan include:

  • 475 additional summer jobs for city youth aged 14-24
  • Partnering with CNY Works and OnPoint for jobs to expand youth job programs
  • Expand eligibility requirements in order to include more Syracuse youth
  • Expand participation from private businesses
  • Dramatically increasing the number of jobs available within city departments
  • Cost for the 475 jobs is estimated at $1,000,000
  • Funds will be sought through the state Alliance for Economic Inclusion and philanthropy.

Walsh said it is estimated that 50% of the city workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next 5 years. “This program could be a pipeline for city residents and the city workforce,” said Walsh. “These funds are available and an RFP for programs is out now. We just need to be creative and put them to work.”

The group of businesses endorsing Walsh and the new jobs include tech, pharmaceuticals, construction, restaurants, accounting/financial services, advertising and data management.

Some of the locally owned companies who pledged their support to Walsh’s job program include Gardener and Capparelli, Spark Orange, Sheri-Pharma, Huber-Breuer, TCG Player, Digital Hyve, Original Grain, Sweet Praxis, Acropolis Development, VIP Structures, Common Space at 16th Avenue, Rich & Gardener, and JE Bryant Associates.