Bill O’Reilly Pay’s A Visit To Syracuse to “Take me out”

Last week, some of you may be aware of the initiative we put in place at YourBlackWorld to confront Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and the rest of the Axis of Ignorance about the way they have misrepresented the news and damaged the reputation of one black leader after another.

Well, I guess my own chickens have come home to roost.

One of the readers on Your Black World sent me an email stating that Bill O’Reilly mentioned today that he “took a trip to Syracuse to deal with some concerns he has about a professor up there.”

I guess that professor might be me.

They have a saying in China that “the fattest pig always gets slaughtered”, and I accept the fact that my university is not going to be happy with my confrontation of Bill O’Reilly. Many of their wealthy alums who give money to the university are part of the Bill O’Reilly Zombie Fest, and support this man as he perpetuates the ugliest aspects of our country’s history.

But the truth is the truth. I WILL NOT and CANNOT allow him, nor anyone else, to continue telling lies that distort reality and hurt our country. They are incredibly unpatriotic, and their continued dirty tactics and tricky smears on Senator Obama, Pastor Jeremiah Wright and others will not be tolerated.

Fortunately, the black community is behind me on this one. When I sent a call out to our readers on YourBlackWorld, I received hundreds of emails within one day. Additionally, our readers have sent hundreds of letters to the FCC, and we are also in position to hold two of Fox’s top corporate sponsors accountable for their behavior.

The fact is that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Fox News do not represent American values. Also, most of the major networks will allow this racist hate to hit the airwaves, yet they do not have a single host of color representing viewpoints of the silent majority.

This is wrong, it’s unAmerican and it must stop TODAY.

Bill O’Reilly, do what you must. Deep down, you know you are wrong.