Blue Bin It !

It was early Friday morning when it happened. The knock at the door seemed like the entire Syracuse Police Department wanted in. The simultaneous action of banging and doorbell ringing sent the dog into a panic urinating all over the living room floor. When I opened the door my normally docile dog wanted to hurt somebody.

It wasn’t the Syracuse Police Department. It wasn’t someone alerting me of danger from impending flames. It was my friendly DPW Blue Bin Recyclables Collector.

A big bald headed menacing looking red-faced man was at my door. He bellowed “move the car!” as if I had a hearing problem.

As I attempted to explain that I’ve parked there since purchasing the home almost three years ago, he said:
“I don’t care you’re moving it from now on.”

The truck was positioned right next to the car where he had intentionally created a hazard where my car could get hit if he moved another inch. Until now they’ve simply driven around the car.

There have been 128 trash pickups since I bought the home. They’ve missed four Recycled Blue Bin pickups usually on a holiday weekend. April yard debris set-out on schedule per City of Syracuse

“Things City Resident Should Know” went unattended until June. Once punctual snow removal has been reduced to a “maybe.” How many hours can you miss work because the plow just didn’t come?

I’ve been told by multiple reliable sources that these acts are retaliatory for trying to clean up the neighborhood. I’ve been shot with BB’s twice, once while hanging Christmas decorations. An elderly neighbor was wheeled up to me and said, “you’re a very, very bad man” (by the way- many of her children work for the city.) Perhaps it’s time to purchase the For Sale sign.

This is the environment Mayor Driscoll’s inviting people to invest in. Attempts to shed light on these issues are swept beneath Onondaga Lake like a bulging bubble of Mercury.


MARBLE TOP TABLE – Flip the Blue Bin over and place a piece of marble remnant on top and you’ll have a fashionable marble top patio table. Easy to clean with soapy water and paper towel.

GARDEN PLANTER – Spray paint the Blue Bin to the color of your choice. There are different finishes that will make your new planter look like a decorated cement box all for the expense of a can of paint. Use textured spray paint product.

TOY BOX on wheels – grab a set of wheels at your local hobby shop place the axel through the Blue Bin using a simple drill. Place wheels on each corner and you’ll have a box on wheels for all those stray toys. Good for pets too!

JELLO MOLD/ICE BLOCK MOLD – Impress your friends with your Big Blue Jello Mold make an industrial size tasty treat for the fourth of July. Remember there’s always room for Jello. Holiday Ice Carving – Place large Glad bag inside fill with water and place in a chest box freezer.

BULK MAIL CARRIER – Face it anyone processing Bulk Mail has had to carry those flimsy U.S. Postal Service trays. Paint your Blue Bin white and you’re good to go!