Brindisi Calls for Democrats and Republicans to Work Together & Respond to Coronavirus

Amid Continued Spread and Economic Downturn, Congressman Calls for Bipartisan Public Health Provisions & Economic Stimulus

Brindisi: I Am Calling on Washington To Put Politics Aside And Work Together To Pass Bipartisan Economic And Public Health Protections

Congressman Anthony Brindisi called on members of both parties to work together to enact a comprehensive public health and economic response to the coronavirus pandemic. Brindisi urged his colleagues to put politics aside and pass legislation that protects health care workers, helps families, and makes sure tests are accessible and affordable to the public.

“It’s time to put politics aside and pass an emergency stimulus package that puts workers and families first,” Brindisi said. “In order to slow the coronavirus outbreak, we need to make sure everyone that needs testing can receive a test free of charge. Congress and the White House need to work together on a package that includes paid emergency leave so workers aren’t forced to choose between their health and their paycheck. In addition, we need additional funds and protections for workers, counties, and states on the front lines of this fight.”

Earlier this month, Brindisi convened a meeting of medical experts, and local, county, and state officials to ensure the region was appropriately prepared for coronavirus.  Additionally, Brindisi worked with the Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force and Vice President Mike Pence to increase resources for county, state, and local governments.

For additional information on the coronavirus, visit the CDC’s website or click HERE.