Calling for the Immediate Removal of President Donald J. Trump

Statement by the Onondaga County Legislature Democratic Caucus

On Wednesday, the President of the United States stood in front of a large group of his supporters whom he had encouraged to show up. Standing in front of them, falsely claiming that the election was stolen, he encouraged them to march on the United States Capitol.

These domestic terrorists stormed the building, halted the business of the entire Legislative Branch of the United States of America, put in danger almost the entire line of succession to the Presidency, and caused Senators, Members of Congress, their staffs, members of the media and others to barricade themselves in offices.

Because of the President’s irresponsible words and actions, 5 people are now dead, including at least one heroic member of the capitol police. We condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms and call for the President’s immediate removal from office.

We need to restore the soul of America and unite instead of divide. We hope that soon, under President-Elect Biden’s leadership we can begin to heal this country.


Leader Linda R. Ervin
And the members of the Democratic Caucus of the Onondaga County Legislature
Legislators Chase, Ryan, Kinne, Kuhn, and Williams, Jr.