Candidate for Syracuse City Court Judge Shadia Tadros: Education, Advocacy, and Experience

“I present the city a wonderful opportunity to be judged by one of our own”

Shadia Tadros is a candidate for Syracuse City Court Judge vying for the Democratic Party’s endorsement for the ballot in this November’s election.  A first generation Syracusan and child of Arab immigrants, Tadros grew up on the City’s South Side, and is a graduate of Corcoran High School.

Shadia Tadros Candidate for Syracuse City Court Judge

She attended CW Post where she received her Bachelor’s degree in English, took a year off and was employed by a legal publishing company where she worked with editors and lawyers. Then she attended Penn State Law where she also received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Tadros has an M.P.A. as well as a Juris Doctorate, holding joint degrees in Law and Public Administration.

Through her law practice and volunteerism, Shadia Tadros has worked with local attorneys, government agency employees and religious leaders. She is seen in the Syracuse community as a legal advocate for those who may otherwise not have a voice. According to Tadros, “I have helped countless people who would otherwise not have had access to meaningful legal assistance.” In 2017, Tadros was awarded the Volunteer Lawyers Project Pro Bono Champion of the Year.

Other candidates in this judicial race include lawyers who either do not or rarely practice in Syracuse City Court. This is where Tadros perhaps would have an edge over rival candidates, if selections were based on experience.

When asked to describe what separates her from others in the running for Syracuse City Court Judge, Tadros focuses on being the candidate that stands out, discussing how important experience is in being a Syracuse City Court Judge.

Shadia Tadros believes her education, advocacy and experience makes her the most experienced candidate.

“I present a unique and diverse set of skills and background to be able to effectuate change that the bench needs. At this time, I’m a practicing city attorney; I’ve been a litigator for over a decade now. I appear in City Court and I’m from the city, born and raised in the city. I think I present the city a wonderful opportunity to be judged by one of our own. And I believe that a candidate’s first interaction with the city should not be from the bench, it should be a natural, organic connection to the city. And I believe I have that, together with experience and qualifications.”

Tadros continues to explain what Syracuse City Court is, and the job of being a City Court Judge.

“City Court is on the criminal level, Misdemeanors and Traffic Violations as well as Housing Court, civil and Small Claims Court. I’ve litigated cases in all those courts, with the housing crisis that’s going on in the City of Syracuse and how that directly relates to poverty, Housing Court actually is very important. You see now that the City is trying to set up a separate bureau for Housing Code Violations, etc. Civil Housing issues will still take place in City Housing Court. A candidate, in my opinion must have some Housing Court background and civil litigation experience.  And then of course you have the Misdemeanors and the Violations, Criminal Court; I think the bulk of cases seen in City Court are the criminal. But, it’s my understanding that a judge spends much of their time on administrative issues and civil issues.”

Electing Shadia Tadros to the Syracuse City Court will also make history, as she would become the first Arab-American to serve on the bench.

Over the next week decisions will be made, Shadia Tadros is asking the committee to designate her for a ballot position, we’ll know soon if the Democratic Party is ready to make history, Shadia Tadros certainly is.

Shadia Tadros announces her candidacy for Syracuse City Court Judge

Shadia Tadros in conversation with event attendee.