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Where Do We Go from Here? Four Part Series about the Syracuse Surge and Gentrification of the City of Syracuse

In this four-part series we will shed some knowledge on where the “81” project could be a catalyst for growing our black business community and the community as a whole. Part 1: Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Part 2: Construction Training Component Part 3: minority participation Part 4: why minority contractors must be at the PLA More »

A Message from our ACTS President Angela Douglas

Friends of ACTS: So many of us have been held hostage by the anxiety produced in the anticipation of today’s verdict for Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd. The despair in preparing for what history has always told us about the justice for black and brown people and yet the hope that it could More »

Voices: Michael Greene “Restoration of ShotSpotter”

Ben Walsh, I am writing to you in my capacity as the Chair of the Finance Committee of the Common Council to demand the immediate restoration of funding to the “ShotSpotter” program. While the ShotSpotter program was cut due to lost revenue from Covid-19, now that President Biden has signed the American Rescue Plan the More »

Losing My Religion

First of all, I haven’t given up on God,  “Losing my religion” is actually an old southern expression for being at the end of one’s rope, and the moment when politeness gives way to anger. And that’s how many feel about the “Quality of Life” in Syracuse. I’ve lost my religion, and my ability to More »

Khalid Bey on the Skyline Apartments

The current condition of the Skyline Apartment complex is unacceptable. Tenants are regularly forced to live through public health violations that are addressed meagerly at best, often exposed to fecal matter in stairwells, excessive garbage, and used drug paraphernalia. As has been repeatedly highlighted that security measures at Skyline are inadequate to begin with, not More »

“Voices” Open Letter to Syracuse and Onondaga County NY Residents, Taxpayers and Officials Re: The I-81 Elevated Park Option Revisited

Open Letter to Syracuse and Onondaga County NY Residents, Taxpayers and Officials by Jacob Alan Roberts. Photo: Providence Bridge Project It’s been nearly four years since my commentary was published in the Syracuse Post Standard regarding the pending I-81 question. In the opening statement I promptly suggested that it was “one of the most important More »

“Voices” Khalid Bey: An Understanding of Diversity

The human mind knowingly and/or unknowingly makes decisions in every moment based on deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is qualified by the process of comparison or differentiating the parts of a whole. The very existence of life as we know it is rooted in this idea of comparison or the process by which we determine one More »