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2020 in Review – Activism Matters: City of Syracuse, Syracuse Police Department, and the Commitment to Transparency in Response to Summer Protests

Dashboard created to monitor commitments and corresponding actions provide tangible milestones as negotiated with local area protestors. Hundreds, if not thousands of people took to the streets this summer, demanding police accountability. These protests eventually generated a list of demands, which were presented to the Walsh Administration. The administration agreed to a set of demands, More »

Bamboozled: Rushing to Confirm an Appointee and it is Not the Supreme Court

The late Syracuse Post-Standard Columnist Robert Haggart once stated, the Common Council is “Syracuse’s most deliberative body” according to Columnist Dick Case,“while tongue firmly planted in cheek”, in an 18-year-old missive about the legendary columnist.  Dick Case died in December 2019. And the Syracuse Common Council is still deliberating. The latest “deliberative” action attributed to More »

Lost Revenue ‘Defunds’ Syracuse: Police, Fire, D.P.W. and Parks as Senate Republicans Fail to Assist Localities

Police -$6,393,089  Fire -$4,728,486 DPW -$4,438,861 Those who are supportive of Syracuse Police and Fire Departments need only look to our representation in Washington DC. Their failure to come to a deal that supports state and local governments has placed states, counties, cities, and towns in grave danger of losing much needed services.  Those services More »

If You Can’t Enforce the Rules: Shut it Down

This is not shouting fire in a crowded building; this is about COVID-19 a serious pandemic that has taken 204 lives of our neighbors and friends. At first, I assumed it was an off-campus party and university officials can’t “monitor” their students 24/7 they’re young adults. However, when you can see tents and the fuzzy More »