Celebrate June, Black Music Month

It’s not too late to plan activities and celebrations of the month of June and throughout the year. Black Music Month Celebrations are taking place across the nation.

As shared by The Griot in an article written June 7, 2013 by Wanjira Banfield, which reads that Some may have forgotten that June was officially declared Black Music Month by our 39th president, Jimmy Carter in 1979.

The month is dedicated to encouraging people world-wide to pay homage to the musical contributions of African Americans to culture and society internationally, says Banfield.

There is still time for organizations and the community to plan activities for the young and old in sharing the various cultures and diversity that has made world greater through music. Music is one way of coming together, performing, sharing and embracing the talent and contributions of all cultures.

Things to Do!

Hold inter-generational activities that will encourage and empower individuals to explore and participate through music activities (talent exhibitions, church/community spotlights, essays, education, tours, recognitions, and musicals.

Celebrate local, national and international city calendars for events of interest.

Other Events:

Patronize Local musicals and city-wide performances, New York City Tours & Plays and Neighborhood venues. Whatever we do, we should not let this month past without observing Black Music Month.  In fact, this should be an everyday celebration!

For suggestions of “things to do”, feel free to contact JHMN, Inc. (Email: jhillsman@twcny.rr.com)