CenterState CEO’s Resources for Businesses Following the Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

It has been nearly a year since the death of George Floyd. Today, as we reflect on the verdict in the trial of the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, who was convicted in his death, we must examine our respective roles that enabled the systemic racism and intolerance that has led us to this moment. While this court trial has reached a just and necessary conclusion, the recent deaths of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, and other ongoing injustices, remind us of the challenges still before us, and that work is still very critical and urgent.

Robert M. Simpson President & CEO

As employers in particular, we must recognize the very real trauma our Black and brown colleagues continue to endure as they watch, react and cope with these injustices. That includes a responsibility to support our employees and recognize that the ongoing prevalence of racial and social injustice in our nation has left many hurting.

We strongly encourage you to consider how you can support your staff and colleagues in the wake of this case and as we all move forward. Below you’ll find a list of ways you can engage your staff in dialogues to help ensure their voices are heard. You will also find tools to help you advance your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

I genuinely believe this is a moment when the business community must dig deeper and lead through corporate responsibilities for social and economic justice. Our shared goals of greater equality, equity and economic opportunity for all – regardless of color, race, religion or sexual-orientation – are too important to stand on the sidelines at a time when our collective determination, leadership and engagement are needed most.

Robert M. Simpson
President & CEO


Juhanna Rogers, Ph.D
Vice President of Racial Equity & Social Impact

Please reach out to Dr. Juhanna Rogers, CenterState CEO’s vice president for Racial Equity and Social Impact, at to let us know efforts you have undertaken, or how we can support you in your efforts.

Support Your Staff, be an Engaged Employer

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