Central New York Cash Coalition to Assist Area Residents with Tax Returns and IRS Issues

Calling All Families! “File Your Taxes to Receive the Rest of Your Child Tax Credit Payments”

Please read and share the CA$H Coalition information below if you or someone you know needs help filing taxes or resolving an ongoing issue with the IRS:

This year, most families with children are eligible for the Child Tax Credit and may receive payments, even if they don’t usually file their taxes. File Your Taxes to Receive the Rest of Your Child Tax Credit Payments.

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Did You Receive Advanced Monthly Payments July-December 2021 (also known as $300 Child Tax Credits)?

Yes – You can receive the second half of your credits by filing taxes (up to $1,800 per child 0-5 or $1,500 per child 6-17).

No – You may still be eligible to receive up to $3,600 per child 0-5 or $3,000 per child 6-17.

You Must File Taxes to Receive Your Benefits!

To file for yourself: Visit MyFreeTaxes.com. The helpful online software will allow you to make an account, start and stop filing on your schedule, and even provides a helpline if you have questions!

  • To have your taxes filed for you: Call 2-1-1 for an appointment at a CA$H Coalition site.
  • To get help with ongoing issues with the IRS: Visit our local Low Income Tax Assistance Clinic at Syracuse University. Call 315-443-4582 between 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

What Do I Need to File My Taxes?

  • If you received IRS Letter 6419, which tells how much you’ve received from the Child Tax Credit in 2021, hold onto it! You’ll use it when you file.
  • If you didn’t receive the letter, or lost it, don’t worry- you can still file! Simply enter the total amount you’ve received for the advance Child Tax Credit payments into your tax return.

You can also check how much you’ve received by checking your bank account statements or visiting www.irs.gov/payments/your-online-account

Information provided by City of Syracuse Business and Neighborhood Development