CFAC Film Series Continues…Mixtress X: Hip Hop Unsung Heroine by filmmaker Dante Kaba

Keepin’ It Reel: Exploring Hip Hop Cinematic Festival 08

Event: Mixtress X: Hip Hop Unsung Heroine by filmmaker Dante Kaba
Date: Saturday February 16, 2008
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue: Community Folk Art Center
Address: 805 East Genesee Street
Contact: 315. 442.2230
Admission: $5.00

Syracuse, NY – Saturday, February 16, 4:00pm Mixtress X: Hip Hop Unsung Heroine by filmmaker Dante Kaba. The Community Folk Arts Center presents this special screening as part of the Keepin’ it Reel 08: Exploring Hip Cinematic Festival.

Hip Hop is a cultural movement of black youth. As a constantly evolving form of self- expression and a social reflection of contemporary urban life, it is rooted in the oral history of African-American story-telling. Since the
inception of Hip Hop, women dj’s have been a vital participants in the construction and development of this international musical genre. Mixtress X documents this untold story, spotlighting women hip hop artists this unique contribution to the musical form as they operate and contend with a predominantly male-dominated multi-million dollar industry.

While excavating the history of unsung women dj’s and charting the course of the hip hop movement from a gendered point of view, Mixtress X seeks to provide an uncensored platform for these underground and mainstream women
artists who have been transforming their self-images within global Hip Hop movement.