Choice cuts with lamb and country vegetables

Like many Syracuse and Central New York residents I cringed when informed of the death of dogs and cats from something in their food. From rodent poison to plastics authorities still don’t know what’s going on with our pets’ food supply. Manufacturers have posted names and dates of packages affected by the recall.

Pet owners are horrified to learn that the “premium” food they’ve been feeding Fluffy was tainted. On our grocers shelves cute little pictures of well posed pets grace food labels with names like Sirloin beef dinner, Country stew with lamb, and much more.

People treat pets like members of their families; for some a pet is their only family. For weeks while dogs and cats were dropping like casualties in a video game authorities did nothing to dispel the fear that we’re killing our pets.

For pet owners it’s like somebody’s spiked the Gerber jar -“Someone’s poisoned my baby.” Pets, especially dogs, give unconditional love. All they require in return is a good home that includes clean water and nutritious food.

At the grocery store watch as nervous pet owners scour the shelves looking for a brand that is safe. Organic and “gluten free” selections are available and locally there are several small companies that manufacture “human grade” food for dogs and cats.

Cookbooks that feature do-it-yourself recipes for cooking up a stew for Fido-and-you are jumping off the shelves.

Imagine regardless of brand most of our so-called premium food is infused with wheat gluten or some other vat-of-swill from China.

Large stores moved quickly to remove listed brands from their shelves however the corner store near you may be harboring remnants of the massive recall.

The corner or convenience store, one that’s not linked to national or local distribution control may not have removed tainted food from their store shelves. There is no mechanism for the recall to occur, especially when cans on shelves in some of our urban retail establishments are candidates for birthday candles.

I checked several and found to my shock the owners didn’t have a clue about the recall nor had they any knowledge of when their stock was purchased. In one case in broken English I received a cursory, “Yeah that dog food’s been removed.”

It has been estimated that as many as 35,000 dogs and cats have died as result of this massive attack on our animal family members. Chinese officials have refused efforts to inspect the suppliers in question. In the meantime we play Russian Roulette with our pets’lives.