City Divided into 3 Districts Syracuse Police Department Reorganized Under New Leadership

North District, Southeast District, and Southwest District; City divided into sectors managed by Captains under new plan recently unveiled- See a Map of your Neighborhood

As Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner begins to implement departmental changes, a map of a reconfigured Police Department emerges. This is a step forward in changing how the Police Department is organized, previously department captains were not assigned to manage a neighborhood or section. Under the new plan each of the 3 sectors will be managed by a Syracuse Police Department Captain, the responsibility for the area will be under this person, in addition to managing contact with the public and media.

District Syracuse Police Department Captains

The city of Syracuse has been divided into 3 sections; North District, Southeast District, and Southwest District(s).  In addition to creating this map to show where these districts are located, the Syracuse Police Department has provided information so people will know who is responsible for managing the Syracuse Police Department in their area.

SPD City District Neighborhoods

Maps provided includes; Police District Maps, Syracuse Common Council District overlay map, City-wide neighborhood District streets, and contact information for each Syracuse Police Department Captain assigned to manage the area.

The new mapping and changes in deployment are the first in a generation to detail publicly how the city is policed, and who is responsible for day-to-day management. Recently, as part of their outreach efforts Chief Kenton Buckner and the Syracuse Police Department held a lunch meeting with members of the local area media. The department continued its outreach efforts by scheduling a series of Community Meetings in city neighborhoods.