City of Syracuse Announces Snow Safety Plan – Mayor Walsh teams with Common Council, DPW, Police, Fire and Parks to address snow safety challenges (Updated)

Syracuse, N.Y. – As Syracuse has been hit by two winter storms, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and the leaders of the Police, Fire, Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments, as well as members of the Syracuse Common Council recently announced a Snow Safety Plan for the city of Syracuse. The plan takes immediate steps to address concerns about snow clearance from sidewalks, streets and around fire hydrants

The Mayor and leaders of the city are committed to:

  • Ensuring timely snow removal from sidewalks on all city-owned properties
  • Increasing awareness of existing ordinances and responsibilities for city residents
  • Using city data to step up enforcement of parking regulations in priority spots and throughout the city, as well as violations by private plow operators
  • Engaging city residents in reporting problem sidewalks and in developing solutions to the sidewalk snow removal issues

“Snow covered sidewalks are a serious hazard to pedestrians, and illegally parked cars during snow events create safety problems for residents and the DPW,” said Mayor Walsh. “With the city leading the way, it’s time for all of us to pull together and improve our response to dangerous snow conditions. That begins today and will continue from this day forward.”

“People should not need to walk in our streets during and after snow storms, and everyone should be able to get off their streets when they need to, except in the very worst of conditions,” said Common Council President Helen Hudson. “We’re hearing the concerns of our neighbors and taking action.”

Sidewalk Clearance on City-owned Properties

Mayor Walsh committed that snow would be removed from the sidewalks and rights of way around city properties in keeping with city ordinances. He said all department heads and facility managers have committed to ensure snow is removed as quickly as possible during snow storms. “It starts with us,” Mayor Walsh said.

Awareness of Existing Ordinances

Hudson, Chad Ryan, chairman of the Council’s Public Works Committee and Mayor Walsh reminded all city residents of the existing ordinances regarding sidewalk snow removal, parking and private plow operators:

Sidewalks: All city property owners are required to remove snow from sidewalks on their properties within 24 hours depending on weather conditions. The Mayor called on all property owners to complete their civic responsibility and ensure the safety of fellow residents.

The Mayor announced that residents can now report un-shoveled sidewalks online at a new “Snow Issue Tracker” reachable at Data collected on Cityline will help the city develop long-term solutions.

Parking: Vehicles parked on the wrong side of the street or failing to comply with snow emergency parking guidelines will be ticketed and towed.

Private Plow Operators: Private plow operators are subject to a $150 fine for plowing snow into the public rights of way or for blocking sidewalks. Property owners are subject to $100 fines for this violation.

Increased Enforcement of Parking and Private Plow Operator Violations

Using information compiled by the Department of Innovation and in consultation with the Department of Public Works, the city has identified priority parking enforcement streets by quadrants of the city. The streets (see p. 3), posted in News section on the Home page of, represent the most narrow city streets with more than 35 properties on a block and 25% or more two and three unit properties, as well as additional streets identified as problem points for DPW access in the past.

“Using historic data and other information about city streets, we can predict where snow plows will face challenges and prevent dangerous situations for the public and for our plow operators,” said Sam Edelstein, chief data officer.

The Syracuse Police Department, in coordination with DPW, will increase enforcement first around critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and public safety facilities, and on steep hills in the city. Additional enforcement will progress to the priority streets and then to other parts of the city. Enforcement will occur throughout the city. Vehicles violating alternate side of the street parking regulations will be ticketed and towed.

In the priority areas and other parts of the city, DPW supervisors and Syracuse Police will also be issuing tickets to property owners and private plow operators who illegally push snow in rights of way and who block sidewalk access.

“Snow Safety Summit”

Mayor Walsh confirmed his commitment to work with the Common Council to implement an effective long-term solution to the sidewalk clearance problem. The Mayor said his Administration will consider:

  • reinstituting fines for failure to comply with existing ordinances,
  • applying a special assessment or fee on property owners to fund sidewalk snow removal,
  • conducting pilot projects as soon as possible to test effective solutions.

The Mayor, President Hudson and Councilor Ryan also announced the city’s Innovation Team will host a “Snow Safety Summit” on Thursday, Feb. 15 to gain additional input and ideas from city residents. The event, to be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Dr. Weeks Elementary School, 710 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, will help the city identify the best and most effective approaches to clearing sidewalks.

Fire Hydrant Access

The Syracuse Fire Department is asking residents to help clear snow from around the more than 5,000 fire hydrants across the city. Instead of blowing or pushing snow near hydrants, Chief Michael Monds asks residents to take the extra time to clear a three foot space around all sides of hydrants and to make a path from the road to the hydrant. According to Chief Monds, “In an emergency, every second counts. Clearing a hydrant can save a life.”

Snow Priority Parking Enforcement Areas – January 2018
(List available from homepage at

North East

100 Collingwood Ave

300 Collingwood Ave

100 Durston Ave

100 Jasper St

100 Mildred Ave

200 Nichols Ave

100 Paul Ave

100 Peck Ave

South East

500 Clarendon St

100 Redfield Pl

200 Robert Dr

200 Roosevelt Ave

300 Roosevelt Ave

800 Sumner Ave


North West

300 Apple St

200 Bryant Ave

100 Steuben St

200 Tennyson Ave


South West

100 Belle Ave

100 Calthrop Ave

200 Calthrop Ave

100 Fernwood Ave

100 Matson Ave

300 Newell St

100 Ostrander Ave

100 Parkside Ave

100 Parkway Dr

200 Reed Ave

100 Reed Ave