City of Syracuse Snowplow Tracking Online! Check Your Street with Interactive Map

Use the interactive map to find out when and or if, your street has been plowed

Second year of municipal sidewalk snow removal

We’re the second year of our municipal sidewalk snow removal plan for expanded routes this season. Yesterday, it was clear the plan was working in spots reviewed on the Far Westside, you could see the walks had been completed.

Syracuse has a snowplow mapping portal on the city’s website. This tool allows the user to track where snow plows have been, along with a time of action on any particular street. So, before calling and saying, “hey, my street hasn’t been plowed!” check the interactive map, and you may find that the area in question may have been plowed several hours ago.  Click on the following link  City of Syracuse Snow Plow Tracking Interactive Map track snow plow activity in your neighborhood.

City of Syracuse Snow Plowing Map (example)

This system now in its second year, provides a method of tracking snow plow deployment during a snow event. Once statistics are gathered on how effective or ineffective a response has been, changes can be made to plowing routes.  Information such as; Air temperature, how fast is the snow falling per hour along with event duration will give the Department of Public Works the data necessary to develop responsive and effective snow removal.

(Update) The system provides hourly updates to the GPS tracking of plows; you may notice an hour delay between plowing and being visual on the snow plowing tracking system.