City of Syracuse Urges Residents to Use Caution Around Downed Tree Limbs and to Assist in Clearing Leaves from Catch Basins

Syracuse, N.Y. — The City of Syracuse is asking residents to be aware of trees, tree limbs and increased leaf foliage near catch basins that have fallen due to the high winds.

Special safety precautions should be taken when tree limbs fall and take down utility lines. Any downed lines could be energized, charging anything they touch. Work crews will be removing trees and limbs throughout the day, so drivers should obey traffic signs and flaggers, while driving safely in areas where crews are.

For leaves that are blocking catch basins, Department of Public Works (DPW) crews are working citywide to clear the more than 44,000 sewer grates in the City. Wherever possible, the DPW welcomes help from residents in removing leaves from catch basins to prevent flooding conditions. Leaves should never be placed in the road.

National Grid should be contacted at 1-800-465-1212 for any downed trees found around and near power lines. For any tree or tree limb that is down and is blocking a sidewalk or road, please call City Dispatch at 315-448-8360 to have tree crews alerted.