City to Host Neighborhood Business Corridors Meeting

The City of Syracuse has started a new comprehensive planning study to make informed, data-driven decisions around the revitalization of neighborhood business corridors, the city’s central core, and other commercial areas.

We are excited to undertake this study with an experienced project team that includes CAMOIN Associates and StreetSense Inc. The City is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, July 30 from 5-7 PM in the City Hall Commons Atrium to share engage residents and community members in identify existing strengths and weaknesses along neighborhood business corridors where attention should be focused.

City-wide data findings will be available to inform residents on potential opportunities for our corridors. Members of our project team, including staff from the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, will be on hand to hear thoughts and ideas on how to best focus efforts on the revitalization of these commercial areas.

Your perspective and feedback will be extremely valuable toward this process, and we invite you to join us.