CNYREDC Submits “CNY Rising” to State for Upstate Revitalization Initiative Competition

As part of the state-wide competition, the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council submitted a plan to the Upstate Revitalization Initiative competition. The following is the culmination of hard work by a series of collaborators. The proposal is described in a letter to CenterStateCEO members from, Robert M. Simpson, President & CEO

The Central New York Regional Economic Development Council’s plan submitted to New York State as part of Governor Cuomo’s $1.5 billion Upstate Revitalization Initiative competition. Monday, October 5th’s submission marks the culmination of months of work by stakeholders across our community to develop an economic plan that encourages new business formation and puts our region on a path of growth and prosperity for years to come.

To achieve our goal of driving meaningful, lasting and inclusive improvements in the region’s economy, this plan recommends six areas for strategic investment that are interconnected with one another and align our region’s many assets to respond to regional, national or international challenges:

•             Global Center for Unmanned Systems and Cross-Connected Platforms

•             New York-Grown, New York-Certified Safe and Market-Ready

•             Global Manufacturing and Logistics Hub

•             National Veterans Resource Complex

•             Consensus Commission on Government Modernization

•             Alliance for Economic Inclusion

Upstate Revitalization Initiative Competition "process"

Upstate Revitalization Initiative Competition “process”

This submission is based on a data-centric market analysis as well as a strategic vison developed through a broad community engagement process. Eleven work groups; more than 120 business, civic and academic leaders; 1,750 public participants; and seven National Advisory Council members collaborated as part of this process.

In the first year of implementation, this plan will leverage more than $889.9 million in private investment and a total five-year payroll of over $765.8 million, for a more than 16 to 1 return on New York State’s investment. Over five years, CNY Rising’s components are expected to create nearly 6,000 jobs.

Given the rigor put into it, I am confident we have a highly competitive proposal, and our region and community now have a blueprint for achieving economic transformation. Together we have risen to the challenge to change the course of the Central New York economy. I want to thank my council co-chair, Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud, fellow council members, and the many community partners and stakeholders for their dedication, support and participation throughout the process. I hope you will join us to stand behind this plan and implement the work ahead.

CenterState CEO
Robert M. Simpson, President & CEO


CNY Rising "alignment of strategies"

CNY Rising “alignment of strategies”

CNY Rising’s
Six Signature Investments:

1. Global Center for Unmanned Systems and Cross-Connected Platforms – Central New York will leverage its competencies in precision-sensing, radar systems, and data analytics, and role as one of six Federal Aviation Administration unmanned aerial systems test sites, to become the global leader in unmanned systems, cross-connected platforms, and information assurance to ensure safety and security in a world of interconnected devices.

2. New York-Grown, New York-Certified Safe and Market-Ready Central New York will utilize its natural assets a resilient climate, affordable land, abundant water, and deep agricultural expertise to meet the rapidly rising global demand for food and food safety. Central New York will capture the global demand for safe and nutritious food by investing in controlled environment agriculture and aseptic packaging facilities, while building a brand identity for safe, New York-produced food through a “Grown in NY Certification.”

3. Global Manufacturing and Logistics Hub – Leveraging our region’s geographic centrality, the hub would transform 225 acres of brownfields into a thriving center of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution that will dramatically reduce the costs to Central New York agricultural and manufacturing producers to get goods to international markets. This hub will be located within three miles of the region’s most impoverished areas, creating more than 300 jobs and an estimated 1,644 warehouse and distribution jobs within a 10 mile radius of 54 percent of underemployed workers.

4. National Veterans Resource Complex – More than 900,000 veterans are New York State residents with 60 percent calling the Central New York region home. Over 1 million service members are expected to transition to veteran status in the next five years, and Central New York, leveraging Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, will position the area as the national leader for veterans affairs – offering premier employment, education, job training and research opportunities – making the area the best place in the nation for veterans and their families.

5. Consensus Commission on Government Modernization – The plan proposes building on the work of Consensus to advance bold, collaborative, and modern approaches to governance to better position Central New York to compete in the 21st century.

Alliance for Economic Inclusion

Alliance for Economic Inclusion

6. Alliance for Economic Inclusion – The Alliance will lead and implement strategies toward best practices in training, eliminating misalignment of skills, increasing education, fighting blight and addressing homelessness to ensure that no Central New Yorkers are left behind as these efforts are pursued.

Read the entire proposal:  CNY Rising From The Ground Up