Community Folk Art Center Activities September/October

Beginning September 26th, Creative Arts Academy (CAA) will launch their revised arts program. CAA has been transformed from a pre professional arts academy into a youth enrichment arts exposure program for students in grades 3-7 interested in dance, visual arts and theater. CAA endeavors to empower students from the Syracuse City School District, charter, independent and home school students in greater Syracuse community through the visual and expressive arts.

The program is designed to develop and strengthen creative and technical skills of their students through the engagement and activation of their imaginations. CAA curriculum encourages teamwork, while preserving the uniqueness of each student’s self-expression. CAA builds self-esteem and develops a sense of importance that helps them to perform better academically.

Do you know a young person with a passion for dance, theater, or visual arts? Then Creative Arts Academy is for you. We are currently seeking new students! Auditions available by appointment. Call 315-442-2735 for more information.

CFAC opens the 2015- 2016 JMAD season celebrating Gospel Music Heritage Month with a Gospel Musical. Performers will include independent vocalists and various local choirs including the Black Celestial Chorale Ensemble and the Syracuse Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop (GMWA). The concert will take place on Thursday, September 17th at 7pm. Admission is free and open to the public, donations are welcome to support future programming.

For a complete listing of all JMAD performances, please visit our website at

Black Art Matters

Black Art Matters

Items For sale! Please visit CFAC’s website to purchase!


Caribbean Cinematic Festival
2015 – Oct. 22 – Oct. 25, 2015

Caribbean Cinematic FestivalSave the date for CFAC’s Caribbean Cinematic Festival 2015 – Oct. 22 – Oct. 25, 2015! Last year we explored films from the English and Spanish speaking Eastern and Western Caribbean.

This year’s theme celebrates women featuring in front and behind the lens. CFAC is excited to announce youth programming, featuring animated films from Trinidad and Tobago. The festival highlights the richness of Caribbean culture during this four day festival through eyes of artists from including Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, and Caurcao. Additional CCF events include music, dance, and spoken word performances, local Caribbean cuisine workshops and post screening discussions.

Please check our website at for a complete lineup of all films and additional programming.

Creative Arts Academy (CAA)

Creative Arts Academy

CAA is a tuition-free program for underrepresented and underserved students. CAA understands that it is important to ensure that students from under resourced communities are able to participate in the same high quality arts programs as their peers because they most often demonstrate the greatest need when it comes to creative extracurricular activities. CAA is a valuable and positive alternative to what many of our students are experiencing in their communities.

The legendary story of Meñique

MeñiqueThe legendary story of Meñique (known in other stories as Little Tom Thumb), by José Martí tells the tale of three brothers who, because of poverty and the urging of their father, abandon their homeland to seek a better life elsewhere. While in a foreign kingdom, they learn that the king offers a reward to whomever is able to cut down a large tree that keeps the castle in semi-darkness and the kingdom without water.

Meñique represents courage, but he is also the “little learned one” who thanks to this trait, confronts the king and ultimately becomes a hero who demonstrates that knowledge is more important than force. The show will have three performances October 9 & October 10 at 8pm and October 11 at 3pm. Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at the door on the day of the performance. Donations are welcome to support The Spanish Action League La Joven Guardia del Teatro Latino.