Community Folk Art Center presents An Evening with Lavett Ballard

“Traveling back to the many summers spent at her family’s farm in Virginia, Lavett Ballard would reminisce on the stories that her grandmother told about their hometown. Based in New Jersey, Ballard uses visual narratives to reflect social issues that affected the African American experience in the south.

The nostalgic memories of old wood around, what she would refer to as “the Big House”, vintage photos, and listening to the histories being told are what led to Ballard’s practice of African Diaspora art. Using aged wood as her palettes, Ballard narrates historical stories of resistance, survival, and joy that would lead her to do a commission on Rosa Parks for Time Magazine’s special Woman of the Year double edition, released in March 2020.

Either if it’s diving into the story of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot or Rosa Parks Bus Boycott, “Stories My Grandmother Told Me” takes one on a visual journey through southern roots.

Join us as we dive in-depth with artist and art historian, Lavett Ballard in our Zoom webinar. This is a conversation that you don’t want to miss.”

Here is the registration link for the Zoom Webinar Artist Talk with Lavett Ballard: