Confirmed Cases by Race, Extension of Local Orders, Two Deaths – Onondaga County COVID-19 Update August 12, 2020

The following information is provided on a regular basis from the Onondaga County Executive, J. Ryan McMahon, and the Onondaga County Health Department. A comprehensive COVID-19 Dashboard contains information from both the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County see, COVID-19 Data and Reports

Reported Deaths, two neighbors lost since Tuesday: Caucasian Male, in his 90’s, with underlying health conditions, African American Male, in his 80’s, with underlying health conditions.

During the week Onondaga County Executive J. Ryan McMahon took action to extend Local Orders put in place during the pandemic. (note: Local Orders are temporary and must be renewed by extension, depending on the duration of the order and circumstances with COVID-19 as they evolve.)

The following Local Orders have been extended:

  • Extension of Local Order 1- Pertaining to Purchase Cards
  • Extension of Local Order 9-Z Pertaining to Criminal Enforcement and Business Violations
  • Extension of Local Order 12 – Pertaining to Face Coverings at the County Workplace
  • Extension of Local Order 13 – Pertaining to Outdoor Dinning
  • Extension of Local Order 15 – Pertaining to Employers’ Obligation to Provide Employee Roster

Total neighbors lost for the county related to COVID-19 is now 203

Testing and New Cases: Since Tuesday, we received 3628 tests back

Hospitalizations:  16 individuals are hospitalized. We know that at least 6 of these patients are ready to return to a nursing home, leaving our actual number at 10 patients.

  • 3 are critical, down 1

Of the hospitalized:

  • 13 are Caucasian
  • 2 are African American
  • 1 the demographics are unknown at this time

Overall Stats: We have 3,480 positive cases, up 18 since yesterday

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Of the 18 cases:

  • 4  is a household contacts of previously confirmed cases
  • 2 is travel related (Pennsylvania)
  • 1 is from a senior living facility
  • 11 is from community transmission –

We are presently monitoring 118 active cases, up 11 since Tuesday.

3,164 people have recovered, up 5

From the total cases:

2,016 are female and 1,464 are male

  • 279 are under 19,
  • 675 in their 20’s,
  • 469 in their 30’s,
  • 423 in their 40’s,
  • 514 in their 50’s,
  • 402 in their 60’s,
  • 298 in their 70’s,
  • 261 in their 80’s,
  • 159 in their 90’s

COVID19 – confirmed cases by race