Congressional Candidate Anne Messenger Claims “Katko Caves” on Tax Bill

Sides with Washington Republicans, Trump on Taxes
Central New York Families and Businesses Will Suffer

Syracuse, NY – Congressional candidate Anne Messenger responded to John Katko’s support for a Trump-Republican plan that will widen the disparity between the tax dollars New Yorkers pay to the federal government and the benefits they receive.

Recent reports quoted Katko as “excited” about a plan where the ‘average family would save at least $1,000.’ Messenger noted, ”John’s math doesn’t add up. Eliminating the deduction for state and local taxes alone will cost the average Central New York family approximately $3,000 more annually.”

“And what about the deduction for catastrophic medical expenses? Writing off expenses from a fire or flood? Adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt that will endanger social security and other safety net programs?” asked Messenger. “He should have stood up to his party’s leaders and voted no.”

The lynch-pin of the Katko-backed tax plan is a huge cut in corporate taxes, however, the rationale for such a giveaway — trickle down economics — has been widely discredited. In fact, a 2105 International Monetary Fund study found that an increase in the income share of the wealthiest shareholders actually results in a drop in a nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Messenger also noted that the cut in corporate taxes would do nothing for struggling small businesses who largely pay no corporate tax.

“Middle class families deserve a tax cut. And we need a fairer, simpler tax code. I’m a businesswoman at heart, and I can tell you that this plan does nothing for the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy,” said Messenger.

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