Congressional Candidate Dana Balter Responds to Katko’s Support for GOP Tax Bill

“Congressman Katko’s support of this legislation is dis-heartening and wrong for New York families. And he said that his decision to vote for it was easy. This bill provides tax giveaways to millionaires, billionaires, and large corporations on the backs of millions of working families.” said Balter. “In 2018 in New York alone, $1,878,400,000 in tax giveaways will go to the top 1%. That same money could pay for the annual healthcare premiums for 306,928 New Yorkers; or 317,297 Pell grants; or 17,807 infrastructure jobs. So which do we prioritize, healthcare for more than 300,000 New Yorkers or giveaways for the wealthiest among us? For me, the answer to that question is what’s easy. We must put working families first.”

Katkos’ support for the GOP plan comes after Governor Cuomo urged members from New York to vote against the bill, going as far as saying “New York gets a lump of coal from Santa Trump on this one.” The governor opposes this tax bill because it would eliminate the federal deduction for state income and sales tax – a measure that would affect millions of New York families.

“It is clear that John Katko’s loyalty is to the GOP, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and corporate interests not the hardworking people of central New York,” said Balter.  “It’s time for change. The people of this district deserve a representative who will stand and fight for their best interests.”

A former special needs educator and current professor at Syracuse University, Dana Balter entered the race for NY-24 in September of 2017. Like many women, Dana was inspired to run after the 2016 election and she is building a strong professional campaign. She has spent a lifetime standing up for under dogs and is committed to ensuring that every family here in NY-24 has the opportunity to succeed. For more information please visit