Consumer Alert: Beta-Lactam (B-lactam) Antibiotic Residue in Chocolate Milk

On October 24th The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets alerted consumers that chocolate milk produced by Meadowbrook Farms Dairy from Clarksville, NY is being recalled.  No illnesses have been reported to date to the Department in connection with this product.

The recalled chocolate milk was packaged in glass half gallon, plastic half gallon, plastic quart and plastic pint containers sold under the brand names Meadowbrook Farms and/or Dygert Farms Creamery. To identify the affected product, consumers should look for a sticker on the cap of the container with a date of 10/24 or earlier. It was distributed in Eastern New York.

Consumers who suspect they may have this product are encouraged to dispose of it or return it to their local store.

Routine sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets’ and subsequent analysis of the product by the New York State Food Laboratory revealed the product contained a beta-lactam antibiotic residue.  On October 11, 2018, the producer/processor was notified of this test result.  The consumption of beta-lactam antibiotic residues through milk could induce an allergic reaction and/or other chronic health problems in sensitive consumers.

Beta-lactam antibiotics are a class of broad-spectrum antibiotics, consisting of all antibiotic agents that contain a beta-lactam ring in their molecular structures. This includes penicillin derivatives (penams), cephalosporins (cephems), monobactams, and carbapenems.

Consumers with questions should contact Meadowbrook Farms Dairy PO Box 248 Route 443 Clarksville, NY 12041,518-768-2451.