County Budget Passes 11-6 on Party Line Vote

Floor Leader Linda Ervin and the Democratic Caucus of the Onondaga County Legislature make a statement regarding the Onondaga County Budget

December 3rd, 2020 – As Minority Leader Linda Ervin said today, she has never voted No on a budget. Sadly today that decade-long streak came to an end.

The people who live in this county were not the primary concern in this budget. The pain of this difficult budget year was not shared across the county. As some workers were left out in the cold, others were given pay increases.

Some of our employees will get raises with the Commissioners at the Board of Elections (going through such a difficult time) getting pay cuts.

Attempts to increase social services were rebuffed. Fund Balance, otherwise known as a rainy day fund, is being sorely underused. If 2020 is not a “rainy day”, then we would hate to think of what is.

The Democratic Caucus stood united today and we will continue to stand united to help the people of this county get through this difficult time.


Floor Leader Linda Ervin
And the Democratic Caucus of the Onondaga County Legislature