County Executive McMahon Announces Suspension of Rent Payments to Skyline Apartments “Unfit” Declaration by City of Syracuse allows for legal withholding of rent payments

Syracuse, N.Y. – Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon announced that due to the decision today by the City of Syracuse to declare the Skyline Apartments building unfit, he has ordered all rent payments made on behalf of our Temporary Assistance clients withheld effective immediately. The County Executive has also directed the Department of Social Services to contact each of the 40 clients and assist them with relocation should they choose to live elsewhere.

Onondaga County Executive McMahon said, “The health and safety of the community is our highest priority. The decision today by the City of Syracuse to declare Skyline Apartments unfit now allows Onondaga County to legally withhold rent payments and assist our clients in finding new housing.”

McMahon continued, “Onondaga County will continue to use every legal tool we have to hold these owners accountable. People deserve to live in safe and clean housing and I will not allow another dollar to go to the landlords of Skyline Apartments until every issue is appropriately resolved and there is sufficient action taken to prevent it from ever happening again.”

Any tenant of the Skyline Apartments who is not currently one of our clients, Onondaga County is still offering assistance with relocation. If you would like assistance, please call 315-435-2700 and select the “Temporary Assistance” option to determine what resources are available to you.

Only when the City of Syracuse determines that the issues have been resolved and the building is no longer declared “unfit”, will rental payments resume.