County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily COVID-19 Briefing – March 27, 2020: Mayor Walsh and Pastor Daren C. Jaime of People’s A.M.E. Zion Church Address Social Distancing

Basketball Prohibited due to Social Distancing

Pastor Encourages Community of Color with underlying medical conditions to get tested for COVID-19

Mayor Ben Walsh usually present at the briefing delivered a special message on Friday. The Mayor was concerned about social distancing, said Walsh, “Most people are listening, there are indications of that all around us from going out in the streets, even our crime statistics, is down, I want to start with the positive, most people are listening and I want to thank those individuals. Some are not, we received reports yesterday a lot of people were out enjoying our parks most were enjoying them appropriately, practicing social distancing but some of them weren’t young people playing basketball.”

Walsh continues, “Ultimately we decided to take down the basketball rims on the basketball hoops unfortunate but necessary, our skilled trades have been out all day doing that, and will continue to until they’re all down. I want to reiterate that while our parks are open, all of our facilities, all of our equipment is closed for use. We expect that everyone would follow those rules, that includes our golf courses.  They normally don’t open until May first.  People’s lives are at stake and everyone needs to take this very seriously. “

Pastor Daren C. Jaime of People’s A.M.E. Zion Church, addressed the issue of social distancing. “Social distancing at its best, continues to help to flatten the curve. In addition to talking about social distancing, I also want to talk about medical distancing, because there are some people who need to get tested. And we want to encourage people who need to get tested, to get tested if you’re show symptoms, if you’re show signs, particularly in communities of color.  There’s the opportunity for higher risk and vulnerability, many times in communities of color, you have people disproportionately affected by COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, and they are at higher risk. As hospitals begin to fill and we get towards the curve, we want to make sure that people have the best chance at recovery.”

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