Dana Balter calls on Katko to Release Full Video of Town Hall Used in Misleading Attack Ad

According to Balter Campaign,Katko’s campaign continues its deceptive attacks

Syracuse, NY – Once again, John Katko has demonstrated he is dishonest by misleading voters and cherry-picking statements to distort Dana’s record. The Balter campaign calls on John Katko to immediately release the entire video from the town hall to give voters the full context of the remarks. Dana was explaining how a Medicare-for-all system will save taxpayers money.

“It is disappointing but not surprising that John Katko is resorting to such tactics. It’s sad to see him showing as little regard for the truth as his party leaders do,” said Dana Balter. “Clearly, he’s afraid to be honest with voters because he knows that the vast majority of them support my position. The truth is my healthcare plan will significantly lower costs for consumers — a fact backed up by a Republican-funded study.”

In Congressman Katko’s first negative ad, he deceptively distorted an audio recording of Dana talking about solutions to ever-rising health care costs. Now in his second ad, he’s using the same underhanded tactics. This is exactly the kind of dishonest and negative campaigning that makes people distrust politicians. People deserve honesty from their leaders.