Dana Balter Sets the Record Straight on John Katko’s Latest False Attack Ad

Syracuse, NY – Today, Dana Balter for Congress launched a new TV ad in which Balter speaks directly to voters about Representative John Katko’s latest false ad, which attacks her for accepting a salary from her campaign. Rep. Katko’s ad follows a longtime pattern of hiding behind false and misleading attack ads instead of running on his own record. Balter’s latest ad is her eleventh of the general election.

In the ad, Balter addresses an issue she’s been transparent about from the beginning: her decision to accept a salary from her campaign. Balter explains in the ad that candidates are allowed to take a salary, because running for Congress shouldn’t only be possible for people rich enough to go without a paycheck. Balter acknowledges her mistake in accepting the salary too early, noting that she took full responsibility for the error and paid back the money owed. Citing her integrity in correcting the mistake, Balter promises to always communicate honestly with her constituents.

In April, former FEC Chairman Michael Toner, a Republican, took to Twitter to back Balter up, noting that he was “proud to propose the candidate salary rule the FEC enacted in 2002; the rule helps people of modest means across the ideological spectrum run for Congress.”

Watch The Ad Here


I’m Dana Balter, and you’ve probably seen John Katko’s latest attack ad.

I’ve been completely transparent about this, and I want you to hear the truth: candidates are allowed to take a salary, because Congress isn’t supposed to be just for people rich enough to go without a paycheck.

But I made a mistake in accepting it too early. I took full responsibility, and paid it back. 

I approve this message because I can’t promise I’ll never make a mistake, but I will always be honest with you. 

Dana Balter maintains a strong position in the race. The latest polling in the race shows Balter leading Katko 48% to 46%, and earlier this month, Politico moved NY-24 from ‘Lean Republican’ to ‘Toss-Up.’ The Washington Post and Roll Call both rank NY-24 as one of the top 3 most vulnerable Republican House seats. In August, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden each announced their support of Dana Balter, including her among their first endorsements of the cycle.

Dana is a lifelong educator, receiving her first paycheck at the age of twelve for teaching at Sunday school. Early in her career, she was a teacher and director of education at a disability services nonprofit and recently taught at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. Dana Balter was the 2018 Democratic nominee for Congress in NY-24, where her campaign smashed fundraising records and came closer than any Democrat ever has to defeating John Katko.