Delivery Drivers-Be Warned of Recent Scam

(Onondaga County, New York) – The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office is warning delivery drivers of a recent scam that may result in the theft of their vehicle.

Recently the Sheriff’s Office has seen a spike in stolen vehicles with the targeted victims being delivery drivers. Over the past week or so, four pizza delivery drivers have become victims of fake orders that result in their vehicles being stolen. All four incidents have occurred in apartment complexes, three in the Town of Clay and one in the Town of Camillus.

The unknown suspect(s) place fake orders with the restaurants and have it delivered to an apartment complex. When the delivery driver arrives, they leave their vehicle unlocked and running while inside the apartment building. Once the delivery driver realizes that the order is a sham, they return to the parking lot where they discover their vehicle stolen.

Deputies continue to investigate these incidents and would like to remind the public that leaving your vehicle running and unattended is a ticketed offense in New York State. Please make sure to shut your engine off, lock your doors and take your keys with you.