Democratic Caucus Response to County Executive McMahon’s Veto of Proposed Legislature Maps

(Nov. 24, 2021) Syracuse, NY The Democratic Caucus appreciates the veto of the proposed County Legislature Maps. However, the reason the County Executive cited in his veto is simply one of many reasons why our caucus unanimously and with bipartisan support voted against these illegal maps.

Dating back to the party line vote that defeated the proposal to allow independent citizens to redraw the maps last summer, we have had little faith that this once-in-a-decade opportunity to redraw legislative districts would be done in a fair or equitable manner.

The hastily convened re-apportionment commission and its hurried process which did not incorporate public input was doomed since its inception.

Section 207 of the Onondaga County Charter is silent on what happens when a County Executive vetos new legislative maps. This rushed process needs to stop.

Our hope has always been and continues to be for the best possible maps that serve an effective and efficient democratic process for the people of Onondaga County.