Democratic County Legislature Challengers Primed for Competitive General Elections

Syracuse, NY- After this July fundraising filing, the Democratic challengers have set up competitive races to flip the county legislature. This year seven of the 17 districts will have competitive races. Democratic challengers in districts 3, 5, 12, and 14 outraised their opponents. Most notably Dr. Sunny Aslam, running in district 12, outraised the current chair David Knapp $35,000 to $8,100. Along with Aslam, Matt Johnson (District 3) outraised his opponent $7,500 to $6,562, Jana Rogers (District 5) outraised her opponent $7,440 to $1,000, and Dr. Shanelle Benson Reid (District 14) outraised her opponent $12,581 to $3,403. There are also candidates who were evenly matched in fundraising efforts creating competitive general elections for November; Diane Dwire (District 6), Heather Waters (District 10), and Ryan Suser (District 11).

“I am very proud of the candidates that are running. They are very accomplished and are working hard to get out there and spread their messages and gain support” Democratic Leader Linda Ervin said. “The fact that they have raised more campaign funds than their opponents in many of the districts that are being challenged shows how hard they are working. I thank them for their sacrifice, for stepping up, and for wanting to serve the people of Onondaga County.”

“Never before have we seen such a motivated group of candidates as we do this year,” said Chris Ryan, District 8 Legislator. “The Democratic candidates have shown they will have the resources to be competitive in the races that will determine the majority of the County Legislature and future of our County.”

For years Republicans have dominated fundraising creating challenges for any opponent to overcome. This year our candidates are able to run more competitive races without that barrier. Donating is the biggest sign of support from individuals. It means that they are bought into the message and candidate. It is clear that their messages are resonating and that it’s time to see some change